The Throne of God

The Scriptures repeatedly refer to the Throne of God.  Hebrews has the most wonderful promise for believers – “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).

Today, as a believer in Jesus, you have accessible to you, the most powerful place in all of existence – The Throne of God.  God’s Throne is established forever (Psalm 103:19), and this place of stability is available to you; this place of strength and power is available to you.  Don’t let another moment pass you by in which you don’t set your attention toward God’s Throne and appeal to His authority for strength and purpose.  You were created for this place, to be near His Enthroned Presence, to see Him high and lifted up (Isa. 6:1).

You can find safety in the Throne of God.  Lamentations 5:19 tells us that God’s Throne endures through the generations.  Lamentations was written during one of the most tragic times in the life of the nation of Israel.  The prophet Jeremiah understood that God’s Throne, God’s rule and reign was central, even when times were tough.  We need that revelation today.  In the midst of pain and heartache, we need to declare “Your Throne, O God, endures forever.”

God’s Throne is the place of His authority being released (Zech. 6:13 and Rev. 12:5).  If you need God’s authority released into your life today, appeal to the Throne of God.  Go into the heavenly court and make your petition known.  He will release His plans and purposes for you from His seat of authority in heaven.

For Further Reading on the Throne:

  • Psalm 97:2
  • Psalm 47:8
  • Psalm 89:14
  • Revelation 4
  • Ezekiel 1:26
  • Hebrews 1:8
  • Job 26:9

Published by Covenant Network

Pastor Johnny and I are the lead pastors of New Covenant Church of Atlanta and the overseers of The Covenant Network.

2 thoughts on “The Throne of God

  1. Awesome isn’t it! I fully believe God’s word is to be read, claimed and performed. I seek Him at His throne and I speak into my life His authority and His power and His righteousness. And this is all made possible by the blood of Jesus!

  2. Randy and Johnny:
    Thank you for this blog. We love reading your inspired insights from “THE WORD”, it is always uplifting. We thank our Lord for your Grace and bringing us back to reality in a world that is so confused and corrupt. We definitely need to be beside the Throne of God always.
    Yes indeed, His Throne endures forever.

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