Knowing What Belongs to Us

Ephesians 1:3 says that God has blessed us in Christ Jesus with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm (modified Amplified).  This is true in potential even though it may not have manifested in your life in experience.  You have been blessed by God through Jesus Christ and given everything you need for your life, for Godliness, and for executing your destiny in this earth realm (2 Peter 1:3).

When you know something belongs to you, you don’t wish it was yours; you get up, take what’s yours, and you utilize it.  For example, when I’m sitting in my living room and I’m looking at my powered-off TV, I don’t say, “Oh, I sure do wish someone would give me a TV to watch.  I sure do wish I owned a TV…”  No, I have a TV, it’s mine, and it’s within my rights to pick up the remote and utilize it.  Many Christians are living today far below their rights and potentials because they do not know what belongs to them – their spiritual inheritances have not been conceived in their spirits yet.

In order for us to “activate” our inheritances, we need to know what they are, and the primary way we do that is by reading the Word of God.  It is our “title deed” (Hebrews 11:1) to all of our inheritances.  What are some of our inheritances:

  • Salvation – to be saved means to be connected, spirit-to-spirit, to Jesus’s Life and to have His life in us, His eternal life.  We aquire salvation by calling on the Name of Jesus and knowing Him (John 17:3 / Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13).  Salvation is our inheritance.  We do not have to wish or hope that we are saved; salvation is ours because we have done what the Word says to do, and we have received Jesus as our Savior.
  • Power – Acts 1:8 says that we have power.  We have power to live for God, to overcome Satan’s tactics, to witness for Jesus, supernatural power to impact our world…  We have power.  It is an inheritance, it is ours through Jesus Christ.  We don’t have to wish for it, it belongs to us because the Word promises that power is ours through the Name of Jesus and the Presence of His Holy Spirit.
  • Provision – Phil. 4:19 says that God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  We must realize that provision is the inheritance of the children of God.  When we work a job to the best of our ability and honor our employers, coworkers, employees, etc (2 Thess. 3:10), when we follow God’s precepts, and know what belongs to us, then God’s provision will flood our lives.
  • Healing – Psalm 107:20, Isa. 53:5 and Matthew 8:17 say that God’s Plan is to heal His People.  We need to begin to WAR for our healings.  We need to declare “it is God’s Will for me to be whole.  In the Name of Jesus, no sickness will inhabit my body.”  Now, you may experience sickness immediately after you begin confessing what God says, and laying hold of your inheritance, but HOLD FAST YOUR CONFESSION OF FAITH (Hebrews 10:23).  When the promise is conceived in the spirit, you will find that sicknesses, sinus issues, allergies, etc etc will begin to lessen and lessen, just keep fighting with your confession of faith.  Speak the Word, and watch as the Creative Power of God goes to work. 
  • God’s Presence – Hebrews 13:5 and John 14:16 are just two passages which promise that God’s Presence will be with us.  It is vital for us to understand that God desires to let us sense His Presence, to know Him in His Glory.  We must lay hold of this promise and receive our inheritance, even when we don’t feel Him or see Him.

These are only a few of the awesome promises of God as an inheritance.  In order for us to live in the fulfillment of what belongs to us, we need to discover what God has already given us.  He’s given us His Word, and He shares openly with us all of His amazing promises.  As we learn to live by faith and see these promises manifested in our lives, we will begin to rule and reign in this life, living an overcoming life, which is what Jesus means for us to live.


Published by Covenant Network

Pastor Johnny and I are the lead pastors of New Covenant Church of Atlanta and the overseers of The Covenant Network.

One thought on “Knowing What Belongs to Us

  1. Right on Pastor Randy! We have all we need that pertains to life and godliness. No limits, no lack! I see increase all around me.

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