Becoming Pregnant…???

New Covenant is entering into a new “pregnancy season.”  It is time for us corporately and individually to discover the joy and power of being spiritually pregnant with a vision and with a burden from God.

It is the time for us to become “pregnant” with what God wants to accomplish in and through us. 

Pregnancies usually last about 9 months.  In the spirit, I’ve found that season is (give or take) roughly the same amount of time; however, the average gestation of many dreams and visions from conception to the beginning of the birth-process is usually one year (or more, depending on the heart-womb of the believer).

Now is the time to become pregnant, to get it in your spirit, what God wants to do through you.  So that “by this time next year” you will see results on what God wants to do through you.

How do you become pregnant?  No it’s not a trick question.  You become pregnant through intimacy and through reception of seed – no giggling.  The Word of God is the seed (sperma) of God (that is the actual Greek word found in the New Testament).  Your King and Groom wants to implant His Plans and Purposes in your heart and cause you to become pregnant with His Will.

When you’re pregnant, it will begin to show.  There is no stopping the “showing” process.  Now, fat isn’t pregnant, so don’t get them confused.  Some people eat and eat and eat, and others ask, how far along are you?  Mistake.  If you just hear and eat the Word and don’t do anything with it, you’ll just gain spiritual weight.  Allow the Word of God to infuse itself into your heart.

You will become uncomfortable.  As you become more and more pregnant, you will find your soul becoming as uncomfortable as a woman who is far along with a natural pregnancy.  Don’t allow the discomfort to cause you to give up.  Carry it through – birth it out.  You’ll be so glad you did.  A spiritual abortion is not God’s plan.  He wants His plans andpurposes birthed into the earth, and you are a part of the vessel to do it – The Bride of Christ.

Are you ready?  Today, now, is the time to begin to envision God using you.  Some of you are preparing – keep up the good work.  Prepare yourself.  When someone is pregnant, a nursery gets prepared.  Are you preparing?  If not, get ready, prepare your heart and life for the bundle of joy that’s coming your way

  • Be worshipful – that’s the “transaction of intimacy” in the spirit-realm.
  • Be in the Word – that’s the reception of the seed
  • Be faithful to church attendance – that’s the implantation and place where “it’s the optimum time for fertilization”
  • Serve – that’s the gestation and carrying process
  • Pray – that’s the beginning of the travail and lamas class

Published by Covenant Network

Pastor Johnny and I are the lead pastors of New Covenant Church of Atlanta and the overseers of The Covenant Network.

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