The Sound of Rejoicing … Could be Heard Far Away – Neh. 12:43

What an amazing sound it must have been.  In Nehemiah, the people of God had restored the walls and gates of the city as well as the temple of God.  They were so elated they let out a sound that could be heard far away.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if the people of God today couldContinue reading “The Sound of Rejoicing … Could be Heard Far Away – Neh. 12:43”

Matthew 4 – Overcoming Temptations

We all have them, temptations. We all struggle with them. We sometimes give in to them. The enemy is perpetually out to get us to stumble and sin. His reasons for doing this are apparent: He tried to take over heaven, he failed, and was cast down to earth (Isa. 14:12-17) He tried to takeContinue reading “Matthew 4 – Overcoming Temptations”