Church – OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you’re like me (BR), the word “church” creates certain images.  The very, very first image it creates for me is when I was 7-8 years old, we had a home-coming meeting in Tennessee.  I still remember the outdoor, open air area and tables where massive amounts of food was served.  I remember the music, the exuberance, the preaching, the food, the laughter, etc.  Church for me was an exciting, renewing experience, revivalistic in nature.

New Covenant is so unique in that it has captured a revivalistic power, love and exuberance that not many churches experience, and we say that with great reverential fear and humilty.  We’re not sure what has created that dynamic except for the Grace and Mercy of God, the passion of the members for God and Holiness, and the uncompromising position on the Word of God.  We are so blessed, and we are so thankful for all that God is doing.

Now, it’s time for all of us, NCCA and CN churches and ministries to stretch ourselves.  The enemy, Satan, loves to get people weary, offended, hurt, angry, tired, feeling fruitless and useless, etc.  However, regardless of the cries of the enemy and/or our flesh, we have to step up and begin to stretch.  We hear things like “Revival,” “Apostolic,” “Prophetic,” “Sponteneous Worship,” “Breaker Anointings,” “Passion,” “Presence Ministry,” “Manifestations,” “Warfare” etc, and we get excited, but have we pushed through to actually “PRACTICE” those things?  To step out and move in those anointings and experiences?

We’ve begun a new season – even though it’s not 2012, yet; it is the beginning of our new year.  It’s time for us to step forward and begin to flow, we must learn how to “surf the waves of God’s Glory,” learning how to move with each ebb and flow of His Presence, being sensitive to what He desires from us day-to-day and in our corporate assemblies.  What will all of this look like?????  We’re NOT COMPLETELY SURE!!!!!!!!!!! But we do know this, church for us is obliterating institutionalism and pattern-orientations (stand up sit down, do this, do that all by 12:30).  We are becoming more and more “Laboratory-like” – trying things, listening, being willing to step out in faith and try new things, being ready to receive correction and cultivation and all the while seeking, passionately seeking after the pleasure of our King, all while in alignment and submission to spiritual authority that God has set in place. 

Recently, a “new thing” has been the shifting from home groups to midweek service, temporarily.  Wow, what a moment!!!  This past Wednesday people experienced the overwhelming Presence of God, some spoke in tongues and released sounds they’ve never uttered before in God’s Presence.  This is an example of breaking out of comfort zones and trying new things.  A good question to ask is “how have I responded to this temporary shift? and how can I learn from this to respond more powerfully to future permanant shifts in other areas of my life and walk with God? Am I passing God’s tests when He’s changing me from glory-to-glory to become more like Him?”

Shiftings are exciting, stepping out for the first time in any area is a little scary but also very, very exciting.  We want to challenge everyone at NCCA and CN churches to start gathering around the altar at the beginning of service, begin praying, begin worshipping, begin warring for more and more of God, place a petition to God, ask Him to begin to show us more of Himself, to reveal more of His power, more of His Presence, more of His Prophetic Power and giftings, more healings, miracles, salvations, etc.  Let a new sound come out and start thinking of “Church – OUT OF THE BOX!!!!”  STTTTTTREEEEETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Published by Covenant Network

Pastor Johnny and I are the lead pastors of New Covenant Church of Atlanta and the overseers of The Covenant Network.

2 thoughts on “Church – OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Bishop Randy and Pastor Johnny: The excitement and commitment that you exude on your blog is wonderful. I could see you standing in front of the masses and telling us all to “move forward” just like Pastor Brian’s message and to get out of the box and do God’s work that he has called all of us too, no matter how trivial we might think it is, but first and foremost always putting Him first.Thank you for your blogs and the ministry you have in His name. Bless you. We sure do miss ya’ll in Atlanta, and continue to pray for you and our brothers and sisters in NCCA. Love ya’ll.

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