Read the Word of God

Today, I want to share with you an awesome truth that changed my life many years ago, that truth is, “there is power in the Word of God, but you must study the Word to access its power.”  So many people all over the world (especially Americans) have a book sitting over in the corner of their home, the backseat of their car, in a box somewhere that’s simply forgotten, etc; a book that could absolutely and unequivocally change their lives and their circumstances if utilized.  That book is available on CD’s, mp3’s, and various, modern versions for ease of understanding.  This book, if used properly, has the ability to not only change the life of the devotee, but it can also change the landscape of the person’s life and the lives of those around him/her.  This book is THE BIBLE!

Learning how to use the Bible is vital to activate its spiritual potential in your life.  Here are some pointers for how to use the awesome Word of God, the Bible:

  1. Pray first.  When you come to the Bible, before you open it, go before the Lord in prayer and simply say, “Father, today, I want to hear your voice.  I want to hear from you.  In Jesus’ Name, please speak to me through the Word and transform my heart.”
  2. Supplies.  Have a notebook or computer to take notes in.  When God speaks to you, write out what He says.
  3. Start somewhere!!!  It’s not good to just leap into the Bible by letting it simply fall open and reading it.  I’ve done that many times and end up reading for several minutes about who begot whom, and 4500 years ago they all killed each other after they begat each other – no disrespect intended; it’s just that if you do just open the Bible to anywhere it’s probably not going to get you into the best revelatory pattern. 

I encourage you to read:

  • The Gospel of Mark
  • The Gospel of John
  • Ephesians
  • 1 and 2 Timothy

These are great places to start.

God wants to speak to you today.  In order for the Holy Spirit to teach you powerfully, you must get in the Word and begin to study it.  Once you do, begin to speak it….  UH OH…  I can’t write today on “How to SPEAK the Word,” but I’ll write about that next week.  Get into the Word and watch it change your life and your world.


Published by Covenant Network

Pastor Johnny and I are the lead pastors of New Covenant Church of Atlanta and the overseers of The Covenant Network.

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