Burn, burn, burn… Catch on Fire… Revival Fire Falls

I was 16 years old – I’d been baptized in the Holy Ghost for 2 years, and had been born again for 6 years. I was with a group of friends, at a tent revival in Tifton, GA. I sat under that old tent and just wept seeking God, to Know Him, to understand His Ways… My prayer was, God reveal yourself to me, show me who YOU are, let me know you…

At 16, that passion burned so hard and so bright in my heart that I wasn’t willing to let anything put it out. I wanted to know God.

At 39, I find myself sitting in the sanctuary, crying out, “GOD, I WANT TO KNOW YOU, I WANT TO UNDERSTAND YOUR WAYS, SHOW ME WHO YOU ARE, LET ME KNOW YOU…” And suddenly I have a flashback to when I was 16 and realize, the same fire that burned then, burns now. His Presence that burned the image of His Face into my heart is all I’m seeking. I want to grow up in Him, to know Him more than anyone or anything else.

I share all of this because in the 30 or so years I’ve been pursuing God’s Awesome, Overwhelming, Miraculous Presence, here are just a few thoughts that have been fused to my soul about this fire:

  • It costs everything – personal desires, plans, purposes, everything…
  • It consumes the soul and devastates willfulness, and selfishness
  • It doesn’t destroy individuality, but sanctifies it, and makes “who He created us to be more alive, more real.”
  • It can only be fueled through
    • An unstoppable prayer life
    • An insatiable hunger for the Word
    • A “Face-down” worship life
    • A Hungry Heart
    • A Faithful, Consistent Heart that remains steady, no matter what

By no means have I attained all this, but it’s what I’ve learned about the Fire of His Presence. Today, I’m encouraged to seek Him more than ever, i want Him to use all of us to help encourage believers to seek Him with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength.

Let’s allow Him to consume us with His awesome Presence. Where you are, right now, ask Him to increase the desire for His Presence, draw near to Him in this moment, and he will draw near to you.

This was just on my mind as I finished my day. I’ve prayed, sought His face, conquored a migraine, cried at a few difficult conversations, laughed at a few funny events, all the while, living this life of Revival Culture, desiring God more than anything else, living with both feet on earth, and both hands in heaven, dragging, through prayer, God’s plans and purposes into my life and prayerfully the life of others through prayer and declaring, “Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN

A Word From God – Sustaining Personal Revival and Staying Passionate for God

(This is an excerpt from my journal on April 22, 2010)

I want to give you some strategies for maintaining revival and sustaining growth. Hosea 6:3 says for you to “press” to know me. Son, this “pressing” is almost passive. My children must be ready at all times and in all places to grow inwardly quiet, to set aside times to simply sit and wait, to listen, to wait on me and receive direction. The mere act of “waiting” and “growing still and quiet” is a part of the act of “pressing” to know me. This simple act of listening and being sensitive to me will create an internal fire of pursuit. You will begin to taste and see that I am good as you crave me and hunger for me. The struggle comes when overcoming the fallen mind’s desire to be louder than my voice. The mind must be renewed by the Word. My Word will silence the fallen mind’s distractions and noise. It will take time, but keep in mind, it took time and years for your mind to become noisy concerning the cares of life. It will take time to develop a mind that is easy to quiet before me, but through the daily study of the Word, it will happen.

When you go into prayer, be cautious that you don’t religiously jump into praying. Grow quiet first. Listen for my direction. There will be some days where I just want you to sit and listen to me. There will be some days where I want both of us to be quiet and enjoy each other’s presence. There will be some days where I will completely inundate your times with Me with the study of the Word. There will be some days when I want you to intercede for others, some days when I want you to pray in the Spirit continually, and some days when I want you to simply worship. Most days I will want you to experience elements of all these things, but in order to sustain personal and thus corporate revival and growth, listening to Me is completely the priority. I will tell you what you need to do in your times of devotion.

My priority for you is for you to know me. Never lose sight of the fact that I have created you for myself; I have created you for my own plans and my own purposes

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