YOU WERE CREATED TO LIVE IN A STATE OF ENCOURAGEMENT – What to do when you’re discouraged and under attack…

Acts 9:31 (NIV) – Then the church … enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened; and encouraged by the Holy Spirit; it grew in numbers, living in the fear of the LORD.

Do you ever feel discouraged?  Do you feel that sometimes you want more out of life but don’t seem to feel that you’re getting it?  Do you ever feel that you were meant for more, but you have problems reaching that “something more?”  Maybe your emotions get out-of-whack???  Maybe sometimes you feel that you want more revelation, or more interaction with God???

Well, I have good news for you today, you were meant to live your life encouraged!!! 

Today, I want to give you some helpful hints on how to “encourage yourself in the Lord” today and every day.


So often we want more without being thankful for what we already have.  Look around at your life, right now, and think of at least 2 things to give thanks for, and give God praise for what He has done.  In order to be encouraged, we have to learn to look BEYOND what we don’t have toward what we already have, and then give thanks for it.  Live a life of being grateful to God.


Before we can be trusted with more, we must use what we already have been given.  Some people become discouraged because God doesn’t show them the latest, greatest, newest revelation or give them the most awesome jobs or income or spouse, etc.  They feel like God is holding out on them.  He is not.  More often than not, God won’t give us more until we prove we can be faithful with what we already have.  So, encourage yourself by using what you have.  If you pray in tongues, pray in tongues a lot.  If you can encourage others, encourage a lot.  If you sing, sing a lot.  If you dance, dance before the Lord a lot.  God’s given you gifts, He’s given you abilities.  Use what you have and He will trust you with more.  As you use what you’ve been given, and meditate on what is already yours, you will become immensely encouraged in the Lord.


Serving the Lord puts a strain on the flesh.  Our flesh wants to do one thing, and the Spirit of God wants to do another.  That will often create the illusion of discouragement because we somehow feel that we are “not getting what we want to make us happy.”  This is a lie of the enemy.  God wants us to have a joyous life, serving God can be fun-ish.  I’ve laughed more in serving God than I ever did in the world.  And the laughter I have now can’t be taken away by passing, fleeting passions.  Though serving God is NOT always “fun,” it can have a deeper joy that will lead to us have a greater fun that we could ever have serving the world system (demonic influences and fleshly desires).  So, go see a movie with a brother or sister in the Lord, laugh, send each other funny emails.  All of this will lead to encouragement in the Lord, as you learn to laugh more and just enjoy the journey.  This walk is meant to be enjoyed.


Family, be encouraged.  God is doing amazing things in each of your lives.  God is raising up a “Joshua Generation;” a generation that will take ground for the Kingdom, a generation that will become the WARRIOR BRIDE that she is called to be, a people of intimacy and fervor.  Learn to enjoy this walk with Jesus.  He’s an awesome King, Lover of the Soul, and Lord; He has a more, more, and more to give.  So, be encouraged, and watch God move in your life.

Pray this today:  Lord Jesus, thank you so much for YOUR LIFE that now resides in me.  I am full of your life, and that life is meant to be enjoyed.  I encourage myself today, knowing that I have the life of God in me and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, my needs are met, and I am completely whole in you, Jesus.  Thank you so much for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.  My life is yours.  Amen.


Published by Covenant Network

Pastor Johnny and I are the lead pastors of New Covenant Church of Atlanta and the overseers of The Covenant Network.

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